People and climate are two important parts of our sustainability work at Kopparbergs Bryggeri. We believe in equality and human rights and also to take part in tackling climate change. Making our company a safe place to work no matter what is core to our business, and so is our carbon footprint affecting future generations.

As a part of The Swedish Alcohol Beverage Industry’s Initiative we are working for “A drinks industry with zero climate impact, where every drop counts”, with the aim to reducing our climate impact and to be climate neutral by 2045.


Equality and human rights

We know how important people are to our business and therefore we also value their well-being. We aim to make everyone working here feel welcomed and appreciated according to Sweden’s Work Environment Act. It include things like parental leave, paid annual leave, risk and safety management.

When it comes to our suppliers, we evaluate them to make sure their employees are treated fairly as well.


Tackling climate change

There are two ways for us to reduce our carbon footprint: firstly within our own organisation and secondly through our suppliers.

Actions within our organisation:

  • Building our own Utility Center helped us
    • replacing fossil fuel with renewable fuel in our facility in Kopparberg and reduce our CO2e by 97%.
    • utilising 1200 MWh excess heat for internal use as heating office, warehouse and also within the cider making.
    • track our energy levels and use excess energy where it’s needed and not letting anything go to waste.
    • play a part of a bigger cycle: local energy producers are able to produce 800 MWh renewable energy when making the pellet we then use as fuel in our Utility Center. Leftover ash is then used as fertiliser in the forest.

And our reduction of 400 MWh energy per year together with the 800 MWh made when our pellet is produced enable 240 houses in Sweden to use renewable energy.

  • Our own trucks have 85% renewable fuel reducing their CO2e with 90%.
  • We are currently working on a project with an aim to reduce our plastic used for cases by 22% and for pallets by 17% starting 2022.

Actions through suppliers:

  • Our green and brown glass bottles is made from 81% recycled glass. (Most of our bottles are coloured)
  • Our white glass bottles are made from 68% recycled glass
  • Our cans are made from 50% recycled aluminium
  • Cardboard packaging is made from 50% recycled cardboard (average number due to many different packaging)
  • Paper packaging is made from 15% recycled paper