Cocktails for sunny days

The sun is shining and summer is getting closer. Here are three cocktails for sunny days:

Passionfruit Tonic

Easy-to-make but still full of fruit flavour.

50ml Kopparberg Gin Passionfruit&Orange
Orange slices
Ice cubes

Pink Summer Cup

A build-in-the-glass, easy-to-create cocktail, fruity alternative to consumers who might not enjoy the traditional bitter flavours of a G&T.
50ml Kopparberg Gin Strawberry&Lime
2 Slices of Strawberry
Lime Peel
Cucumber Ribbon
Sprig of Mint Garnish
Topped with Lemonade (or soda for a less sweet serve)
Ice cubes

Pink Spritz

A sweet Spritz topped with Prosecco to finish. If you prefer something a little less sweet, garnish with pink grapefruit to balance out.
50ml Kopparberg Gin Strawberry&Lime
15ml Grenadine
Top with Prosecco
Strawberry or Pink Grapefruit Garnish
Ice cubes