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Q: I'm looking for possibilities to import Kopparberg to my country. Who do I ask?
A: We recieve a lot of requests every day for new markets but unfortunately we are not able to go everywhere at ones. If you send your details to us and we find it interesting and the timing is right we will get back to you. Fill in the form for the market you are interested in.


Q: I'm a consumer and want to find Kopparberg in my country. 

A: The easiest way is always to send your question through the Kopparberg Facebook page in your country or facebook.com/kopparbergworld.





South Africa




To find Kopparberg in the US, use these links:

New York areas

Georgia and Florida areas


Q: Is Kopparberg Cider gluten free?
A: All Kopparberg ciders contain less than 5 ppm of gluten. Products containing less than 20 ppm of gluten are considered gluten-free according to EU legislation.


Q: Is Kopparberg Cider vegan friendly?
A: We use gelatine in the filtering process for the alcohol ones but in the final product there is no gelatine left. 


I verify that I am at a legal drinking age in my country.