Kopparberg Cider is a global brand, currently sold in over 30 countries. Still, Kopparberg Cider is always produced in Kopparberg, Sweden.  

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Success stories around the world

United Kingdom Distribution and sales

Starting point

Kopparberg was officially launched in the UK in 2006. Before this there were four major players on the cider market. There were none, or very few, packaged cider available in bars prior to 2004. In supermarkets all brands were sold in cans and PET bottles, and cider was considered a cheap and non-premium product. At the time of launching Kopparberg in the UK, the consumer penetration of cider was below 30%.


When Kopparberg was introduced in the UK, it transformed the image, consumption and penetration of cider. The sales have grown from almost zero in 2006 to more than 50,000,000 litres in 2012. Kopparberg is now available in more than 30,000 UK bars and listed in all national supermarket chains. More than half (Ca 60 per cent) of UK drinkers are now saying they prefer cider instead of lager.

UK customer quotes

"I don’t like Cider …but I love Kopparberg “
“Kopparberg were the first to develop flavored variants”
“Kopparberg is the ultimate refreshing drink to enjoy over ice with my friends”
“Kopparberg is a really cool brand … with innovative and different advertising “.
“Kopparberg launched pear when everybody else launched apple”

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Distribution and sales

Spain Distribution and sales

Starting point

Before Kopparberg was launched in Spain, the Spanish cider business revolved around the tourist markets, and nearly all cider sold was in a draught format. There were a couple of big brands on the market, but the volumes were generally low. Besides the tourist markets, the main area for Cider (or Sidra) were the Northern areas of Galicia and the Basque country. In these areas you would (and still will) find the dry, traditional Apple cider sold in large glass bottles.


Since we formed our business in Spain we have taken sales from 135,000 litres in 2009, to 1,350,000 litres at the end of 2012. All major tourist resorts now stock Kopparberg and serve the brand in exactly the same way as in the UK. We are now focused on developing and distributing new variants. The future for Kopparberg will be focused on building the brand outside of tourist markets and introducing the brand into Madrid, Seville and the Basque country.

Spanish customer quotes

“When I am on holiday, it´s great to enjoy Kopparberg, served exactly as in the UK”

“As a Spanish resident it is great to taste such as refreshing liquid that is so different than Beer and traditional Spanish cider “

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